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Latest News and Posts

Oklahoma Opponents vow to fight two Osage County wind farms in Oklahoma 19 Nov
Ontario Green energy laws 'skewed' in favour of turbines, lawyer contends 19 Nov
Maine What First Wind’s sale could mean for wind development in Maine 19 Nov
Australia Crossbench senators back another inquiry into wind power 18 Nov
Ontario 'Express lane' approvals for turbines tramples residents' rights, lawyer argues 19 Nov
Maine First Wind sale means end of $333 million partnership with Emera 18 Nov
Pennsylvania Infrasound found in homes near wind farm 18 Nov
New Hampshire Millsfield property owners said they signed agreements because county failed to protect them 18 Nov
New Hampshire Conflict rises over Millsfield agreement with wind farm 18 Nov
Canada Ontario Ontario’s wind farm approval process faces constitutional challenge 18 Nov
New York Catlin bans wind farm 18 Nov
USA Wyoming Wind energy firm sues to block bird death data release 18 Nov
USA Wind tax credit attacked as U.S. debates lapsed breaks 17 Nov
Ontario Wind farm on Oak Ridges Moraine up for appeal hearing 17 Nov
Canada Wind turbines are ‘nightmare neighbours,’ Ontario court told 17 Nov
USA SunEdison and TerraForm buy First Wind, gaining a toehold in turbines 17 Nov
Germany Germany plans to withdraw from binding 2020 climate targets 17 Nov
Michigan Feds call for no coastal turbines — unless county thinks otherwise 17 Nov
New Hampshire Wind-power developer eyes Alexandria area again 16 Nov
Maine Dixfield Wind Energy Facility Ordinance vote to be recounted 16 Nov
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