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Latest News and Posts

Massachusetts Massachusetts Wind Turbines: A Trail of Bloody Tears 23 Sep
Ontario 'I believe that Chatham-Kent is in a water war': wind turbine experts hear at public meeting 22 Sep
Ireland Sinn Féin : More Fianna Fáil bluster as Wind Turbine Bill rejected – Tóibín 22 Sep
Wisconsin Glenmore panel recommends Duke Energy fix Shirley Wind issue in 90 days, or risk permit 22 Sep
Iowa Minnesota Proposed wind farm meeting brings out critics, supporters 20 Sep
Europe Hérault: Wind farms accused of destroying raptors 13 Sep
USA New Mexico Fishing Groups and communities move forward with suit against NY wind farm 19 Sep
Ireland Wind farm exceeded blade size, say Waterford residents 18 Sep
Ontario WPD Canada turns off wind turbine project 19 Sep
California California Lawmakers Fail to Approve 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal 17 Sep
Michigan State forces alternative energy power to come from within Michigan 18 Sep
Ireland ‘Rights of people are being squashed. It is impossible to take on wind farm firms’ 18 Sep
New York Number Three Wind developers seeking Lowville wind law waivers 18 Sep
Australia Dumping green folly will secure energy future, reboot economy 15 Sep
Colorado Texas Invenergy worker killed in wind farm accident 29 Aug
Illinois Company pulls plug on Boone County wind farm project 17 Sep
Massachusetts A warning to Savoy before the turbine vote 15 Sep
Nova Scotia Massachusetts Project postponed: Beothuck Energy wind farm project in N.S. moved down priority list 15 Sep
Michigan Wind turbine discussion comes to New Haven Twp. 17 Sep
Indiana As the wind turbines turn: A recap of Henry County's proposed wind farms 17 Sep
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