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Latest News and Posts

Australia Wind turbine health fears warrant study, says tribunal 7 Dec
Indiana Wind farm a no-go; 5-5 tie vote enacts commissioners’ wishes 14 Dec
USA Murkowski: Energy provisions remain 'in flux' in GOP tax proposal 13 Dec
Vermont Wind turbine blade icing danger cited in fine 13 Dec
Puerto Rico New York assists with Puerto Rico power grid rebuild plan 12 Dec
USA Republicans scoff at one of economy’s fastest-growing sectors: Renewable energy 12 Dec
USA Sorry wind and solar, America's insatiable energy demands require reliable power sources 12 Dec
Michigan Juniata Township Planning Commission Public Hearing eventually postponed due to unsafe conditions 11 Dec
Michigan Frigid outdoor hearing on wind project adjourned after fire officials step in 10 Dec
Kansas Rural schools may have been hurt by state tax incentives for wind farms in Kansas 9 Dec
Maine Maine panel to take up rule-making petition for Franklin, Somerset counties 8 Dec
USA 2017 Letter to Congress - End the Wind Tax Credits 9 Dec
USA Massachusetts Michigan Ambrose: Courts Uphold Wind Turbine Noise Limits 8 Dec
UK Endangered species? Ecotricity flicks switch on new English onshore wind farm 8 Dec
Ontario Residents rally against wind farm construction noise 7 Dec
USA U.S. Tax Priorities Sack Big Wind 7 Dec
Indiana JANE HARPER: Hard lessons can be learned from Tipton Co. wind turbine project 7 Dec
New Zealand Opposition to Waverley Wind Farm dropped 7 Dec
Wyoming Wyoming lawmakers kill bill to increase tax on wind energy 7 Dec
USA Analysts expect final GOP tax bill will throttle renewable energy 5 Dec
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