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Latest News and Posts

Massachusetts Turned A Blind Eye 9 Oct
USA Texas Texas wind power growth could slow after 2016 9 Oct
Michigan Wind power supporters anxious to invest more 9 Oct
We are victims of industrial wind 9 Oct
Rhode Island Deepwater Wind working to quiet droning noise heard across Narragansett Bay 9 Oct
USA U.S. Offshore Wind: A Government Pipedream 9 Oct
USA New Senate bill aims to axe wind PTC 9 Oct
Vermont Renewable energy showcase targeted by wind turbine protesters; State Rep. 'really troubled by the tone of things' 9 Oct
UK Planning officers refuse application for second wind turbine at Naylor's Hill Quarry, Black Moor Road 9 Oct
North Dakota PSC holds public hearing on proposed wind farm 9 Oct
Minnesota Illegal wind turbine leaves green energy entrepreneur spinning in jail 7 Oct
Australia Turnbull government appoints Australia's first wind farm commissioner 9 Oct
UK Ending wind farm subsidy scheme will save households 30p, Government estimates 9 Oct
USA SunEdison, shares fizzling, promises a new strategy 8 Oct
North Carolina Hundreds of wind turbines could be off Bald Head Island in 10 years 8 Oct
USA Oklahoma Bill introduced to end wind tax credit 8 Oct
New York JCIDA proposal described as ‘workaround’ to get tax break OK’d for Galloo Island wind project 8 Oct
UK Pilots warn of a disaster as wind farms flourish 4 Oct
Nebraska Butler County tells townships to void wind turbine regulations 7 Oct
Nordex to acquire Spain's Acciona windpower for $880 million 5 Oct
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