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Latest News and Posts

North Dakota Wind farm raises both concern and hope for Tioga 20 Jan
USA U.S. wind power installations surpassed 4.7 GW last year, although China still leads 22 Jan
Australia Sunday explainer: Do wind turbines harm your health? 25 Jan
USA Massachusetts More doubt is cast on Cape Wind plan 25 Jan
UK Eric Pickles dismisses wind farm proposal for Pulham Market 24 Jan
Illinois Logan County rejects wind farm 24 Jan
Michigan Wind Energy in Michigan 24 Jan
Michigan The costs and benefits of wind energy: Competing groups hold forums 24 Jan
Ontario Wind turbine appeal Tribunal hears final oral arguments in Pontypool 24 Jan
Illinois 7,600-acre wind farm petition falls flat in Logan County 23 Jan
Ireland Probe into turbines’ ‘excessive noise’ 24 Jan
Oklahoma Apex will sell Kingfisher wind farm that drew opposition from some nearby landowners 24 Jan
Vermont Bill proposes new standards for renewable energy 23 Jan
Michigan Meade Township Referendum legal challenge - letter 22 Dec 2014
Oklahoma Sears to introduce legislation to reform new wind farm subsidies 23 Jan
West Virginia West Virginia senate repeals 2009 alternative energy act 22 Jan
UK Windfarm operators paid as turbines power off 22 Jan
Michigan Huron recognized at wind forum 22 Jan
Ontario Families hoping Ontario's top court will hear their fight against wind farms 22 Jan
Australia Wind turbine study finds possible correlation between noise and residents' complaints, researcher says 21 Jan
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