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Latest News and Posts

California Edison signs power purchase agreement for Tule Wind, CPUC approval still needed 30 Jul
Rhode Island Barge accident dents Deepwater wind farm foundation 31 Jul
Michigan Supreme Court hearing sought in area wind farm battle 30 Jul
Australia Canberra urged to strip billions from windfarm subsidies 31 Jul
Ontario Frustrated Dutton/Dunwich residents pepper wind turbine reps with barrage of questions and criticism 28 Jul
USA California Utah Some disturbing facts behind those ‘renewable’ wind turbines 29 Jul
Michigan County extends turbine moratorium on 4-3 vote 29 Jul
Germany Partridge massacre of wind power plant in the bird sanctuary 30 Jul
Maine Maine regulators nix CMP land deal for wind farm 29 Jul
New Hampshire State to decide fate of AWE; Wind farm plan out of town’s hands 28 Jul
Virginia Wind turbine foes sue Botetourt County 28 Jul
USA California Renewable energy mandates same as a tax on the poor 26 Jul
Hawaii Information regarding Lanai wind farm to remain confidential, state agency says 29 Jul
Massachusetts Wind turbine parts to go through Buzzards Bay 29 Jul
Texas Apex Clean Energy to submit smaller wind farm plan to FAA 28 Jul
Asia China’s idled wind turbines rise for first time in three years 28 Jul
USA Effects of wind-energy facilities on breeding grassland bird distributions 28 Jul
USA North Dakota South Dakota Wind turbines threaten Midwest birds, feds say 28 Jul
Europe Mafia and multinationals milk Italy's green energy boom 26 Jul
New York Henderson plans nearly $20,000 study to have ‘guns loaded’ against Galloo Island wind project 28 Jul
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