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Latest News and Posts

Kansas Missouri Missouri Farm Bureau opposes eminent domain for Grain Belt Express 18 Apr
USA Wyoming Environmentalists oppose Wyoming wind project 18 Apr
Indiana Wind turbine ordinance receives final approval 16 Apr
Michigan Community group fighting third attempt to bring wind farm to town 14 Apr
USA California Owens Valley mobilizes against proposed DWP solar project 16 Apr
Massachusetts Kingston Town Meeting: Future wind turbines will have to prove flicker won't impact neighbors 11 Apr
New Hampshire Wind Turbine Noise 1 Jul 2013
New Hampshire Public Counsel: Hearings on widening road to wind turbines should be held in Coos 15 Apr
Australia Alan Jones interviews Australian Senator Chris Back about renewable energy subsidies 9 Apr
Oklahoma Oklahoma House passes solar surcharge bill 15 Apr
Australia Union fight at wind farm 16 Apr
New York New York court leaves turbine project dangling in the wind 16 Apr
Ireland Thousands protest against pylons and wind turbines 16 Apr
Texas City Council votes to annex property of proposed wind farm 16 Apr
Vermont GMP to buy neighbors' property in Lowell wind settlement 16 Apr
Vermont Lowell Wind Project: GMP buys out Don and Shirley Nelson in lawsuit settlement 16 Apr
Minnesota North Dakota Border battle: ND refuses to pay millions in MN renewable energy bills 16 Apr
UK Wind farm ‘ducks’ flawed wildlife report 16 Apr
UK Developer 'misled public' over controversial wind farm off Isle of Wight 13 Apr 2013
Vermont Wind opponents call the Nelsons heroes, predict more buyouts 16 Apr
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