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Latest News and Posts

Ontario Liberal government denies tampering with witness list for wind turbine hearing 26 Sep
Ontario Speaker's Corner: The reality of wind power contracts 19 Sep
Colorado Wind energy boom In Colorado spurs further investment, creates jobs 21 Sep
Virginia Dignitaries, protesters turn out for wind project 23 Sep
Wisconsin Wind farm shutdown brings neighbors relief 19 Sep
Michigan Sand Beach wind energy ordinance too quiet for developer 24 Sep
Vermont Captured regulators and ruined ridge lines 21 Sep
Texas The misguided politics of renewable energy 24 Sep
Vermont Grafton board changes direction, shoots for wind vote on Nov. 8 23 Sep
Pennsylvania Hearing over turbines in Bethlehem's watershed postponed over alleged threats to company officials 22 Sep
Ontario Scrap Green Energy Act to help hydro mess, tax watchdog says 8 Sep
USA Lawmakers probe tax incentives received by solar-energy firms 16 Sep
North Carolina Public not hearing caution, concerns of wind energy 15 Sep
UK Court order stops noisy wind turbine 2 Sep
Illinois Company pulls plug on Boone County wind farm project 17 Sep
New York Clayton residents voice concerns with new local wind law 14 Sep
Vermont Second-home owners say Iberdrola shouldn’t use them to deny wind farm vote 15 Sep
New Hampshire Property owners look for land buyout 15 Sep
Maine New wind project owner arrives amid fight over proposed site in Moosehead region 15 Sep
USA Wind power is going to get a lot cheaper as wind turbines get even more enormous 13 Sep
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