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Latest News and Posts

USA Rhode Island The nation’s first offshore wind farm is ready to go, despite critics’ blowback 29 Aug
Germany A turbine burns in Germany 29 Aug
Germany Another fire in Germany 29 Aug
Germany Massive wind turbine catches fire and burns for hours because German fire fighters don't have ladders long enough to tackle the 100m high blaze 29 Aug
USA Recent Court Decisions Raise Important Considerations for Renewable Energy Projects 25 Jul
New York Allegations of DEC bias on Galloo Island wind project receive mixed responses 27 Aug
New York SOS rally calls for Apex to leave Somerset, Yates 25 Aug
USA Ohio Wind energy company sues to keep bird kill data out of public's hands 28 Aug
New York Turbine opponents are fighting fraud on American public 28 Aug
Ireland Councillors ‘vindicated’ in wind farm report 26 Aug
Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island States review clean energy projects for New England region 28 Aug
New York Outside Looking In 26 Aug
Vermont Mega-wind power project to affect largest number of homes in state 26 Aug
Massachusetts Rights Violated 26 Aug
Pennsylvania Penn Forest Township wind turbine project hearing continues with testimony from retired medical doctor, bird expert 26 Aug
California San Bernardino County rejects a controversial solar power plant proposed for the Mojave Desert 25 Aug
UK Sparks are flying in village over energy company's new wind turbine deal 23 Aug
Nova Scotia Cape Breton wind turbine was regularly inspected before collapse 26 Aug
Michigan Energy company explains plans, but many residents skeptical 25 Aug
USA The casualty toll of green energy 21 Aug
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