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Latest News and Posts

Australia Crusader Brown turns against wind farm 15 Jul
Australia Brown’s wind-farm conversion highlights reality 15 Jul
Ohio Strangled Ohio wind industry: ‘We don’t want to give up’ 12 Jul
UK Skilled workers turn to food banks after wind farm contract sell-off​ 14 Jul
Texas Wind farm meeting resistance 11 Jul
Maine State utility regulators approve power contract for planned Hancock County wind farm 12 Jul
Nebraska Lawsuit says 2 Cherry County Board members have conflicts of interest in wind farm fight 14 Jul
USA New York Developer: We won't pursue wind farm in waters off Hamptons 13 Jul
Infrasound and low frequency noise guidelines: Antiquated and irrelevant for protecting populations 13 Jul
Nebraska Groups seek U-S Courts to order more environmental studies in "R-Project" construction 10 Jul
USA Nebraska Group challenges R-Project route in court 13 Jul
Illinois Crane option now, ‘tilt/fell’ the next time 13 Jul
Massachusetts Vineyard Wind project lands in rough waters 13 Jul
California 'Hook, Line and Turbine': Why I oppose Terra-Gen's wind project 4 Jul
New York Villenova back to work on wind turbine project 13 Jul
USA Massachusetts Finding of Adverse Effect for the Vineyard Wind Project Construction and Operations Plan 20 Jun
Ontario Cost to taxpayers of Ford government decision to cancel wind farm still unknown 11 Jul
Rhode Island Wind turbine rejected in unanimous decision 10 Jul
Pennsylvania Ice throw and shadow flicker, focus of wind farm testimony 10 Jul
Missouri Parson signs bill to keep wind farm taxes local, zoning question remains 10 Jul
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