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Latest News and Posts

Missouri Boone County braces for potential wind-energy project 21 May
Missouri Northwest Missouri wind-power projects a boon to some, a bane to others 20 May
New York Questionable actions: Apex’s use of helicopter may have scared eagles off Galloo 21 May
Kansas Kansas county showing what wind farms haven't seen much before: local opposition 21 May
Oklahoma US military demands NextEra scrap two Oklahoma wind farms 20 May
USA Oklahoma NextEra Energy Resources scraps wind farm plans because of airspace concerns 18 May
Rhode Island No vote on controversial wind turbine 15 May
New York Courtroom cross-exminations in wind farm “evidentiary hearing” 17 May
Ohio Lake Erie wind turbine project moves closer to reality after agreement with Ohio Siting Board staff 16 May
Michigan Voters blow back on windmills 17 May
Kansas Battle over wind farm proposaltakes strange turn 16 May
Michigan Communities again say ‘No’ to industrial wind farmdevelopers 16 May
Ireland 'Ring of steel' wind farm at Carsphairn refused 15 May
South Dakota SD Public Utilities Commission issues $30,000 max fine for southeastern wind farm's permit violation 15 May
Nebraska Sandhills eminent domain bill moves to governor for signature 14 May
Kansas Commissioner: Energy firm could sue 10 May
Europe Germany WindEurope: 'Collapsing' German onshore wind development putting EU renewables targets at risk 10 May
Massachusetts Vineyard Wind gets green light on cable 10 May
Kansas More than 200 protest petitions filed against NextEra plan by Tuesday’s deadline 8 May
New York Wind Turbine Projects Across WNY Generate Varied Debate Over Benefit 9 May
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