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Latest News and Posts

Australia Real concerns about turbines left blowing in the wind 27 Jun
Massachusetts Independence Wind Turbine: Kingston Wind Independence LLC reacts to results 26 Jun
Michigan Turbine rules are too much to tackle in one meeting; Huron County planners discuss sound levels, flicker 26 Jun
UK Councillors reject windfarm met mast plans above Loch Ness 26 Jun
Oklahoma Judge rules lawsuit against wind farm being constructed in Kingfisher can proceed 26 Jun
Germany Wind turbines consume Germany's landscape 26 Jun
Indiana Wind farm wins county's OK 24 Jun
Michigan Mason County Michigan Wind Ordinance 26 Jun
Australia Renewable Energy Target deal clears way for $450 million wind farm investment 26 Jun
USA Oregon Oregon Offshore Wind Project’s Troubles Leave the DOE 0-for-3 So Far 25 Jun
USA Watchdog: Feds keep shoddy records for solar, wind projects 24 Jun
New York Catlin huffs, puffs, set to prevent wind farm 25 Jun
USA BLM has limited assurance that wind and solar projects are adequately bonded: GAO Report 23 Jun
Massachusetts Scituate turbine passes fourth state noise test 25 Jun
Germany Blade breaks at Nordsee Ost 25 Jun
Germany Berlin set to scrap plans for climate change levy on power sector 25 Jun
USA GAO report: Feds losing track of renewable energy bonds 24 Jun
Germany Sick by infrasound: Fight against wind turbines 24 Jun
Australia Australian administration supports renewables other than wind power: Letter 23 Jun
New Jersey Fishermen's Energy wants state supreme court to rule on wind-farm project 23 Jun
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