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Latest News and Posts

USA Conservative groups reiterate call to end PTC 25 Nov
Illinois ICC grants Rock Island Clean Line conditional permission for powerline; Decision does not grant authority needed to request eminent domain. 26 Nov
USA Wind lobby cites new poll in calling for PTC extension 26 Nov
Maryland Dan's Mountain Wind Force requests a third construction delay 25 Nov
Pennsylvania Project Terminated 26 Nov
Mexico Negotiators near ‘extenders’ deal to preserve PTC through 2017 25 Nov
Australia Senate probe on wind farms welcomed 26 Nov
Ohio Wind energy industry protests bird-kill fine 22 Nov
New York When too big is an issue 23 Nov
Prince Edward Island Wind turbine at Eastern Kings Wind Farm no longer working 21 Nov
UK West's biggest wind farm is still breaking noise limits says report 23 Nov
Illinois Wind ordinance revisions no easy task 23 Nov
Ontario Flying turbine debris has local MPP concerned 23 Nov
Minnesota St. Cloud VA terminates contract with wind turbine company 23 Nov
Ontario Blade debris thrown 400 fee 21 Nov
New York Wind farm foes fight Richfield planning board 22 Nov
Canada Ontario Legal battle over Ontario wind turbine farm may redefine ‘harm’ 22 Nov
USA Australia Obama ignored embassy’s warnings on climate change speech 22 Nov
USA PacifiCorp complaint in US District Court over refusal to release bird mortality data 23 Nov
Oklahoma Australia / New Zealand Enel Green Power response to construction halt: Osage Wind Farm 21 Nov
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