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Latest News and Posts

California Western drought steals clean energy along with fresh water at power plants 27 Apr
USA Germany Development and integration of renewable energy: Lessons learned from Germany 1 Jul 2014
New York Wind panel flows with opposing views 25 Apr
Direct Experience of Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound within a Windfarm Community. 20 Apr
UK March of the wind farm as turbine applications soar 27 Apr
Asia Gujarat Farmer Attempts Suicide Due to Illegal Possession of His Land 24 Apr
Michigan What's next for Michigan's energy transformation? 26 Apr
USA USU business professor hits back at Newsweek over wind power op-ed 24 Apr
Germany Germany’s On The Brink Of An Energy Crisis 24 Apr
Virginia Dominion: Offshore wind turbines too expensive 24 Apr
UK Huge Pwllheli wind turbine plan to be blocked 24 Apr
Michigan Gone with the wind? Despite commissioner’s claims, local jobs not cut due to moratorium — yet 24 Apr
Missouri Mo. bill would prevent private transmission lines from using eminent domain 22 Apr
Nebraska Nebraska renewable energy tax credit bill sparks debate 22 Apr
North Carolina Conservative group ramps up effort to kill state RPS 21 Apr
Nebraska County board tables support of wind farm project 22 Apr
Ontario Failure by windfarm contractors to live up to assurances leaves farmer fuming 22 Apr
Europe Tax Agency uncovers alleged wind farm payoff scheme in Castilla y León 22 Apr
Europe €110m wind fraud uncovered in Spain 22 Apr
Europe Fire accident in wind turbine 9 Apr
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