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Latest News and Posts

Vermont Deerfield Wind challenge heard in federal court 23 Jul
South Dakota Lincoln County Commission hears argument against wind farms 23 Jul
USA New York Wind energy leaders say focus is overseas while U.S. market remains unstable 22 Jul
USA Maryland Mikulski pushes to delay Somerset wind turbines 23 Jul
Maine After legal challenge, Maine utility regulators again OK $333 million partnership between Emera, First Wind 22 Jul
Europe Turkish court stops wind farm project, saves ‘Auntie’ Remziye’s olive grove 22 Jul
California Investigation launched into hydraulic oil leaks at Ocotillo Wind Facility 22 Jul
Maine Five years on, a landmark project generates power and frustration 20 Jul
California Drought hinders state's emissions goals 20 Jul
New Hampshire Settlement reached between Groton Wind and state AG's office 22 Jul
Texas Permits withdrawn for off-shore wind farm 22 Jul
Texas Analysis: Texas considers passing on transmission costs 22 Jul
California Montana Montana court sends wind farm clash to California 20 Jul
USA Critics of wind power blame feds for killing, ‘chopping up’ eagles, other birds 21 Jul
Maine Reception iffy as towns tackle adding towers for cell coverage 21 Jul
Texas Texas PUC memo on wind-friendly transmission 29 May
Australia Green energy target delay hits multimillion-dollar projects 20 Jul
West Virginia High costs keep renewable energy at bay in West Virginia 19 Jul
Vermont Windmill project to be argued in court this week 19 Jul
UK Sustainables jobs surge fades as wind farms face axe 16 Jul
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