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Latest News and Posts

Ontario Where are the Ontario Tories who once told turbine opponents ‘help is on the way’? 4 Aug
USA Reports raise questions regarding impact of offshore wind on seafood industry 4 Aug
New Hampshire Noise from Antrim wind turbines draws complaints 4 Aug
Nebraska Sen. Brewer: Engaged local citizens get results 2 Aug
Connecticut CT’s long road to replace nuclear power with wind and solar 1 Aug
Australia Output gone with wind: Turbine farm in enforced holding pattern 28 Jul
Iowa GOP lawmakers look to block eminent domain for wind farm projects 31 Jul
Iowa Wind turbines on private property a flash point for Iowa lawmakers 3 Aug
Texas Wind farms threaten West Texas river and Air Force routes 2 Aug
Massachusetts New York Offshore wind power vast boondoggle that New York can no longer afford 30 Jul
Nebraska Wind turbine setback increase one step closer to becoming reality 31 Jul
Nebraska Gage County Planning Commission recommends increase in wind turbine setback distance 31 Jul
Ohio Northeast Ohio lawmakers urge state regulators to reconsider Lake Erie wind farm ruling 30 Jul
Africa Over 800 birds killed after colliding with turbines during four year period-study 30 Jul
USA Hurd: We must prevent foreign cyber attacks on Texas energy infrastructure 30 Jul
Illinois Wind-farm developer ‘moving on to more receptive pastures’ 28 Jul
USA Nevada A $1 Billion Solar Plant Was Obsolete Before It Ever Went Online 31 Jul
Maryland Post-hearing briefs mostly support larger offshore wind turbines 30 Jul
USA It’s time to sunset federal tax credits for wind and solar 29 Jul
New York Tower removal confirms demise of Somerset wind project, supervisor says 22 Jul
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