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Latest News and Posts

New Hampshire Latest Groton wind farm fight: Snow plowing 22 Apr
Connecticut Connecticut OKs wind power rules, ends moratorium 22 Apr
UK Calls to suspend Navitus Bay wind farm plans while noises levels are investigated 22 Apr
Indiana Broken blades worry residents; Latest break caused by lightening strike doesn't concern commissioners 22 Apr
USA Congress should ignore calls to extend expired wind subsidies 17 Apr
Ontario Social unrest due to industrial wind turbines: “A shocking snapshot of how serious it is” 20 Apr 2013
Ohio Wind farm leads to property rights debate 20 Apr
UK Wind farm refusal set to cost Tory landowner £8m 20 Apr
USA Gasping for air: Wind energy industry seen under siege 20 Apr
New Hampshire Groton Wind farm operator agrees to meet state demands 21 Apr
New Hampshire Vermont Impacts of industrial wind development on wildlife and ridgeline habitat: Vermont and New Hampshire mountains 1 Dec 2013
Ireland Windfarm owners were paid €10m not to produce energy 20 Apr
USA Washington In Focus: National forests are scheduled for desecration 18 Apr
Minnesota Judge strikes down part of Minnesota energy law 18 Apr
Ontario Bluewater Wind Farm creates divide in community 17 Apr
Asia China wind turbine makers face consolidation as glut lingers 17 Apr
Texas Wind Rush: Texas sees surge in wind-energy projects 19 Apr
Utah Utah wind power poised to increase 19 Apr
Australia / New Zealand Federal renewable energy review leaves investors nervous 19 Apr
Ohio Iberdrola has public meeting at L’view 18 Apr
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