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Latest News and Posts

Minnesota St. Cloud VA terminates contract with wind turbine company 23 Nov
Ontario Blade debris thrown 400 fee 21 Nov
New York Wind farm foes fight Richfield planning board 22 Nov
Canada Ontario Legal battle over Ontario wind turbine farm may redefine ‘harm’ 22 Nov
USA Australia Obama ignored embassy’s warnings on climate change speech 22 Nov
USA PacifiCorp complaint in US District Court over refusal to release bird mortality data 23 Nov
Oklahoma Australia / New Zealand Enel Green Power response to construction halt: Osage Wind Farm 21 Nov
New Jersey BPU again rejects pilot wind farm off Jersey coast 22 Nov
USA Oklahoma Lawsuit Claims Osage Wind Project Is Breaking The Law 22 Nov
UK Jobs threat as cash troubles sink wave firm 22 Nov
USA Nevada It’s time for wind tax credit to get blown away 21 Nov
Canada Health Canada Windpower Study: Playing Politics (Grubered up North) 21 Nov
Ontario Judges urged to keep people safe as wind turbine court appeal ends 21 Nov
Michigan Nearly half of state’s wind turbines in Huron County 21 Nov
New York Catlin eyes windfarm ban 21 Nov
USA California BLM rejects application for Silurian Valley energy project 21 Nov
California Regulators reject Silurian solar farm near Death Valley 21 Nov
UK Navitus Bay plan is “unlawful”, council tells hearing 20 Nov
Maine Sale of First Wind may affect company’s Bingham project 21 Nov
Adverse Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbine Noise: How the ear and brain process Infrasound 18 Nov
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