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Latest News and Posts

Wisconsin In Wisconsin, many oppose transmission line to bring western wind power 22 Jan
Hawaii Feds Say Hawaii Is Too Quick To Approve Wind Power Turbines 22 Jan
UK Wind turbines to be built near iconic Gleneagles Hotel despite objections 22 Jan
USA Massachusetts No word on extension for input on wind farm south of Martha’s Vineyard 22 Jan
Texas Texas PUC responds to shrinking reserve margin 17 Jan
Kansas Why are Kansas electric bills higher than other states? Coal and wind, report says 17 Jan
Germany Infrasound caused by Industrial Wind Turbines 4 Nov 2018
USA Why renewable energy is not cheap and not green 27 Aug 1997
Virginia Planning Commission favors only portion of proposed massive Spotsylvania solar farm 17 Jan
Kansas City officials explain why Lawrence didn’t take Westar’s offer of wind energy 16 Jan
Texas Don’t blow it: Unregulated wind farms encroach on pristine Texas wilderness 16 Jan
Massachusetts Selectmen: Wind Turbines Won't Operate In Falmouth 16 Jan
Massachusetts 2 turbines will not spin again in Falmouth 15 Jan
Massachusetts Falmouth Wind Project Finally Finished 15 Jan
Montana Wind turbine project near Crazy Mountains raises concern among residents 9 Jan
Michigan Esky creating wind turbine rules 9 Jan
Michigan Wind farm opponents: Not against wind energy 12 Jan
New York Only one wind project proposed in waters off LI, filings show 12 Jan
Kansas County won’t issue moratorium on wind project; Orr decides against resigning 12 Jan
Germany The balance sheet of renewable energies is deceptive 1 Jan
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