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Latest News and Posts

Australia Clean energy targets reviewed 15 Sep
Australia Residents fighting Jupiter wind farm plan Canberra protest 15 Sep
Vermont In Vermont, a milestone in green-energy efforts 14 Sep
UK The scandal of UK's death-trap wind turbines: A turbine built for 115mph winds felled in 50mph gusts 14 Sep
UK Wind turbines take a turn for the uglier 14 Sep
New Zealand Complaints delay windfarm's consents 13 Sep
UK Navitus Bay: planning process starts today 11 Sep
UK Wind turbines ‘ruin views in most of Scotland’ 13 Sep
North Dakota State delves into new issue of wind farm site decommissioning; sets big precedent 12 Sep
Illinois Townships sue wind farm over roadway issues 12 Sep
Ontario Environmental group calling for construction of 'far-offshore wind farms in Ontario 11 Sep
Maine Hancock County approves latest financial agreements with First Wind 13 Sep
Michigan Mason County Planning Commission to begin review of wind farm ordinance 12 Sep
Kentucky City officials vote to ban wind turbines 12 Sep
Oklahoma As Oklahoma wind industry matures, some call for greater regulation 11 Sep
USA California Nevada A Government-subsidized Desert Death Ray 12 Sep
Michigan Zoning board tables decision for next meeting 12 Sep
More Energy Please: How Increasing Energy Use Promotes a Richer Freer World 12 Sep
Massachusetts Cape Wind signs lease agreement with South Terminal; will file to change federal permits 12 Sep
Colorado Black Hills customers 'mad as hell' over proposed increase 12 Sep
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