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Latest News and Posts

USA Maryland Ocean City wind turbines won’t get Federal help 19 Jul
Oklahoma Blade from wind turbine falls into Oklahoma man’s cornfield 19 Jul
South Dakota Lincoln County votes down wind backers 19 Jul
Ontario Plant closure underscores Liberal energy blunders 20 Jul
Ontario Siemens Canada: Closing of 340-job Tillsonburg wind-energy plant should have workers at similar Ontario factories nervous, analyst says 18 Jul
South Dakota Wind turbine noise too much for South Dakota homeowner 18 Jul
California California Renewables Dream’n 18 Jul
Wyoming Developer warns against wind tax 17 Jul
North Carolina In energy bill, Cooper faces dilemma with wind farm pause 15 Jul
Ontario Siemens Canada: Tillsonburg plant that employees 300 may face bleak future amid ominous warning signs 18 Jul
Wyoming Case: Support wind energy, but also support raising wind tax 28 Jun
Maryland Ocean City officials say wind turbines too close to coast an eyesore 14 Jul
Maryland Wind power developer seeking review of PSC decision denying permit 16 Jul
UK Tourists shun areas hit by wind turbine ‘blight’ 16 Jul
New York Residents and business form River RATs to oppose horse creek wind farm 15 Jul
Massachusetts Falmouth ruling bolsters cause for neighbors of Plymouth turbines 16 Jul
South Dakota Lincoln County voters blowing in the wind July 18 15 Jul
Indiana Legislative committee to study wind 14 Jul
New Zealand Waverley residents express dismay over wind farm decision 14 Jul
South Dakota Wind energy setbacks important to consider 13 Jul
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