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Latest News and Posts

USA New York Feds nix Hamptons sites from offshore wind sale 15 Apr
New Jersey Public airs concerns over wind farm 13 Apr
New Jersey Feds nix Hamptons sites from offshore wind sale 15 Apr
New Hampshire Take a letter: But will SEC read it? 14 Apr
Indiana Bill to ease approval of wind and solar farms flops, but debate rages on 14 Apr
Iowa Worth County passes commercial wind moratorium 13 Apr
New York NYSERDA chief to feds: No wind farms off Hamptons 9 Apr
Rhode Island National Grid is making millions on wind power. You're paying extra for it. 9 Apr
New Hampshire Board wants state to help deal with windmill complaints 6 Apr
New Hampshire Antrim Wind to face SEC scrutiny 2 Apr
Maine Maine counties chafe at lower-than-expected payments from wind farms 8 Apr
New Hampshire Antrim selectmen want SEC to deal with windmills 6 Apr
USA Cybersecurity of wind power a growing concern 2 Apr
Massachusetts ​Massachusetts wind turbine redemption lost 4 Apr
Germany Now the energy transition is becoming a danger for all of Germany 31 Mar
Indiana HB 1381 passes senate committee with amendment; Huhn calls it 'acceptable' 3 Apr
USA Biden’s big infrastructure plan would further boost renewable energy 1 Apr
Nevada Land battle brewing over 'world's largest Joshua tree forest' in Southern Nevada 26 Mar
USA Texas Texas Senate passes bill aiming to counter federal subsidies for wind and solar power 29 Mar
Ohio Ohio Northern University wind turbine burns 29 Mar
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